The Importance of a Bridal Trial/Preview

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important, memorable, and cherished day of your life. It’s also likely going to be the most photographed day of your life as well. It’s pretty much impossible to redo your wedding pictures. This is why a bridal trial is so important. You don’t want the lasting effects of any wedding picture disappointments when it comes to your big day. You will always have memories, but pictures last a lifetime, so you also need to make sure that you find that perfect makeup artist for your big day and help bring your vision to life! 

So what happens during a bridal trial? 

During your bridal trial, we will discuss all the details of your wedding. Some details that we would go over would be the desired makeup and hair look for your event or events (if you’re having multiple ones), if you want your bridal party to have a specific look, wedding timeline, etc. One common misjudgment that brides often run into is the time it takes to do makeup and hair, so your bridal trial is a very good opportunity to go through all the details and timings. It’s usually an extensive preview and discussion, so you may need to allow anywhere between three to five hours.

Your trial is your trial. You voice all your concerns during this time and get them resolved on the spot. For example, if you are having skin issues like you started to notice small breakouts, I can go over a skin regimen with you that will help you up until your wedding day. Other things to communicate to your bridal makeup artist would be any allergies you have to certain makeup products or specific hair accessories you might want to add like flowers or even extensions. 

When brides book me, I am extremely thorough with each one of their bridal trials. Before the trial even begins, I will remind them of what they need to bring, so they come well prepared. They can bring whatever they want to help them see their vision come to life. That can be their outfit, blouse, veil, jewelry, inspiration pictures, videos, the list can go on. Each one of my brides has a folder specifically for their bridal trial. In the folder, I will not only have the inspiration pictures they shared, but pictures from the bridal trial itself. It will also have a detailed record of all the products that have been used during the bridal trial. Other details included would be veil/dupatta placement, bridal party looks, and details of the wedding timeline.

Knowing all of this in advance will save so much valuable time come the morning of the wedding. After the trial, every bride will have complete confidence in knowing what they will look like on their special day and what to expect. 

We all know that wedding mornings can be pretty hectic, especially if you are getting married early. You might also have a large bridal party that needs makeup and hair done. You as a bride would not need to worry about any of that because everything had been discussed in detail during the bridal trial. All you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy being pampered on your wedding day!


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